Pure’s Food Specialties was founded in 1964 as a small family-owned bakery. Five decades and three expansions later, Pure’s has grown into one of the leading snack food manufacturing companies in the industry, with a customer list that includes many of the largest retailers, wholesalers, and CPG companies in the United States. At Pure’s, we’ve developed a unique culture where we make it our mission each day to maintain the speed, flexibility, and responsiveness of a small neighborhood bakery, even as we add some of the largest production lines in the industry.


Six state of the art production facilities


Dedicated R&D facility


1 Millions sq. ft of production and warehouse space


High-through put production lines


The most flexible packaging platform in the industry

Perfect shipping area from our 6 Chicagoland facilities

Food Industry Certifications

Our goal is to operate the most flexible large-scale manufacturing and packaging platform in the cookie industry. We continue to analyze market data and consumer trends to ensure that the capabilities we add today will meet the needs of the consumer tomorrow.

In order to stand out in a mature industry, we have to be more nimble, more flexible, and more responsive than the rest of the market. We’re dedicated to maintaining these attributes even as we install some of the largest scale manufacturing lines in the industry.

From the white board, to the R&D lab, to the plant floor, we have a dedicated support team to drive innovation and quickly customize products. Whether you need a unique packaging configuration or better-for-you-version of a popular product, we have resources on staff to quickly customize a product to meet your needs.
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